Asociación Juntos Podemos


Asociación Juntos Podemos is a Guatemalan nonprofit.  Out mission is to provide educational support and environmentally sustainable economic opportunities to disadvantaged Guatemalan youth.


We currently have two projects:

  • The Garden of Hope Permaculture Center

  • The El Hato Literacy Center


The Garden of Hope Permaculture Center

Located on the Finca Azotea coffee plantation in Jocotenango, the goal of the Garden of Hope Permaculture Center to provide Guatemalan children and youth with safe, green spaces where they can connect with nature, foster joy, and develop life skills.  We teach permaculture, including how to: grow organic food, care for the soil, respect the environment, harvest, cook creatively and nutritiously, fertilize the soil naturally by composting, and value native plant species.  We also help schools and youth organizations design their own gardens and establish gardening programs.


We feature a number of different activities at the Garden, including classes, field trips, our monthly Community Day, and a diverse selection of workshops.  We host customized field trips to meet the needs of each school or organization.  Themes include:  introduction to permaculture, companion planting, and how to make compost.


If called for, we also teach classes and give workshops at nearby schools.  For example, we have helped various schools begin gardening programs.


We are inclusive, accessible by wheelchair, and happy to work with interpreters to communicate across languages.


The El Hato Literacy Center

 El Hato is a poor, marginalized community on a mountain overlooking Antigua, Guatemala. The people there are hardworking and friendly, but unfortunately, education is not always valued, and, when it is, it is not always readily obtained.

Via the El Hato Literacy Center, Asociación Juntos Podemos works to make education more accessible. We run:


  • Library classes during the school day
  • After-school tutoring in the afternoon
  • Learning-based extracurriculars such as art, music, puzzles, games and sports
  • A six-week vacation camp at the end of the school year



Together We Can Guatemala


In order to accomplish our mission, we work with a partner organization, Together We Can Guatemala, a nonprofit organization in the United States.  Together We Can Guatemala is a registered 501(c)(3) and has the same mission as Asociación Juntos Podemos.


Please support our work by making a donation to Together We Can Guatemala!






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